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These terms and conditions are specifically designed for www.Moneycard.co.nz Moneycard Credit Card users. 

Moneycard terms and conditions 1082: 
  These are your Moneycard credit card conditions of use.

1. Receiving and signing your card  
2. Ownership of your card  
3. Selecting your pin  
4. Protecting your card  
5. Lost and stolen cards  
6. Liabilities  
7. Transaction disputes  
8. Card Transaction requirements  
9. Card acceptance and limitations  
10. Damaged or faulty cards  
11. Security interest  
12. Joint and additional card holders  
13. Account statements and charges  
14. Payments  
15. Charges  
16. Terms and conditions set by third parties  
17. Card cancellation  
18. Variation of conditions of use  
19. Definitions  
1.  Receiving and signing your card: 
When you receive your card you must immediately sign it. You must not use your card until you have signed it. You must not send your card overseas or have any other person send your card to you overseas. Please contact us to find out about sending a card overseas or receiving a card while you are overseas.  
2.  Ownership of your card: 
Your card and card number are the property of Moneycard. You must not copy or reproduce the card. If Moneycard tells you to return or destroy your card then you must do so.  
3.  Selecting your PIN: 
When you are issued with your card, and if PIN functionality is available on that card, you will be notified and with suitable ID (e.g. passport or New Zealand driver license) you will be able to select a PIN at a designated venue. Your PIN enables you to use your card in electronic funds devices such as ATMs* and EFTPOS terminals. From time to time we may replace/issue you with a card loaded with your existing PIN. When you select your PIN, you should choose a number that you will be able to remember easily as you must memorise it. You must not choose unsuitable numbers such as birth dates, months or years, parts of your telephone number, parts of your card number or sequential or easily identified numbers (e.g. 2345 or 2222). You must also not use numbers from personal data such as your drivers licence or locker number or other numbers easily connected with you. We recommend using different PIN numbers for different cards and equipment e.g. security alarms, lockers. Your present Moneycard credit card, will not have PIN functionality on it, therefore you can use it like any other credit card. When making a payment on any eftpos terminal simply choose (credit) then (enter) when the terminal requests pin number.  
4.  Protecting your card and PIN: 
For your security, your PIN must not be: • written down, especially not on the card •  kept in any form with the card • disclosed to any other person, including any additional cardholders, the Police, family members or bank staff, or • negligently or recklessly disclosed. You must ensure that no one can see you enter your PIN at ATMs and EFTPOS terminals. You must exercise every possible care to ensure the safety of your card and to prevent disclosure of your PIN. You must not allow others to use your card, card number or PIN. Always get your card back after using it. Do not leave your card in an unattended wallet, purse or vehicle or anywhere a thief could remove the card without being noticed (particularly in nightclubs, hotels or restaurants). If your card is lost or stolen, it can be used by others to make unauthorised transactions, which may result in a loss to you.  
5.  Lost & stolen cards/PINs: 
You must notify us immediately if: • your card is lost or stolen •  your PIN becomes known to someone else •  a record of your PIN is lost or stolen. In case of lost or stolen card, immediately log into your account online, and place your card on hold. You will find the “hold” feature in your account, under your home and my card, once you log in. Once your card is on hold, it will not be able to be used. Once you notify us, a new card will be sent out to you. You will be required to provide information on how the loss occurred. •  notify us by using the “contact us” link at www.moneycard.co.nz. There may be a charge to your account if a replacement card is required.  
6.  Liabilities: 
Liability for losses which result from lost/stolen cards/ PINs Once you have told us that your card has been lost or stolen, or your PIN disclosed, either in New Zealand or overseas, you will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of your card after that time provided you place your card on hold, unless you have acted fraudulently or negligently. You will be liable to pay no more than $50 of any loss that occurs provided you follow our terms and conditions. However, this $50 limit will not apply if: • you have failed to reasonably safeguard your card, • you have kept a written record of your PIN on or with your card, • you have kept your PIN in a form that can be readily identified as a PIN, • you have selected an unsuitable PIN, • you have disclosed your PIN to anyone, whether family or those in apparent authority including bank staff, or let them use your card, you have unreasonably delayed notifying us that your card has been lost or stolen, or that your PIN has been disclosed, have not placed your card on hold, • you have failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure to any other person when keying in your PIN, • you have acted fraudulently or negligently, • you have breached these conditions of use. In the above instances, your maximum liability will be the lesser of: • the actual loss at the time of notification, or If your card gives you access to an account with a credit facility (eg. Choices home loan) failure to look after your card and PIN could result in a substantial loss for which you could be held responsible. Liability for transactions charged to your account; You are responsible for all credit extended by Moneycard to you. You will be required to pay us the amounts of all: • cash advance and sales vouchers signed or authorised by you or processed on your account, • mail, telephone, internet order or email transactions and cycle payments authorised by you or processed on your account, • EFT transactions carried out on your account using your card(s), • other transactions authorised by you or processed on your account and approved by us. There are risks involved if you initiate a transaction by mail order, telephone order, internet or by email. You are giving authority to Moneycard merchant to process an EFT transaction or issue a sales voucher for the purchase amount which will be debited to your account. You should consider the security and standing of the company or entity you are doing business with. If you or another cardholder on your account initiates cycle payment transactions, i.e. if you agree with a Moneycard merchant that an amount will be debited against your account on a regular basis, then you are liable for meeting those transaction amounts even if you close your account. In certain circumstances your agreement with the merchant may authorise the debiting of your account with additional purchase amounts without the need for your signature. Provided these amounts have been incurred under the terms of that agreement they may be charged to your account. Incorrect or unauthorised transactions If you think a transaction shown on your statement is incorrect, you can dispute it, provided you notify us in writing within 7 days of the that transaction processed date. In some situations, if you do not receive the goods or services you have ordered with your card or by use of your card number, or you have not authorised a transaction, you may be able to get a credit for the transaction.  
7.  Transaction disputes: 
You are responsible for checking your statements to ensure their accuracy and advising us of any mistakes, all statements are provided to you online in real time. If you do not notify us of a disputed transaction within the time period stated below then the charge or record of the transaction will remain on your account. If you wish to dispute any transaction recorded in your statement, you must notify us in writing within 15 days of the transaction processed date, giving the following information: • your name and card number, • the amount and nature of the disputed transaction, attaching (if available) a copy of the transaction record or sales voucher in support of your case, • details of the EFT terminal (if any) at which the disputed transaction occurred, • details of the website (if any) through which the disputed transaction was initiated, • the date and approximate time (if known) on which the disputed transaction occurred, • details of any formal complaint lodged with the Police. Once you have notified us of the disputed transaction we will investigate the matter and acknowledge your complaint within five days. Failure to report the incorrect, invalid or unauthorised transaction within 15 days will mean we cannot reverse the transaction and you will have to pay for it. Where it is established that an error did occur (whether it was the Moneycard Credit Card Conditions of Use or not) it will be corrected and you will be advised of any appropriate adjustments which will be made to your account in respect of credit charges and other charges. If, as a result of our investigation, we believe the charge or transaction should remain, we will write to you setting out our reasons and service charge. Liability for transactions on closed accounts or insufficient funds/credit If an EFT terminal processes a transaction on an account which has been closed or, if it is open and there are insufficient funds or available credit to permit the transaction, we will not be deemed in any way to have consented to that transaction, and you will be liable for that transaction amount. Moneycard's liability: Moneycard will be responsible for any direct and/or reasonably foreseeable loss or damage to you caused by the failure of either your card or any ATM (excluding any card or ATM which is obviously faulty, or in the case of an ATM where it has been advised by notice or display as being faulty) to function properly. We will also be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage which results from the fraudulent or negligent acts or omissions of our employees or agents. You can use Moneycard at ATM's that display Moneycard Logo only.  
8.  Card transaction requirements: 
Use of your card constitutes an irrevocable order to Moneycard and you cannot stop payment of a transaction made using your credit card. There are limited circumstances under which we can reverse a transaction which will be subject to the rules of the Moneycard company trading rules, for example we cannot reverse a transaction where there is a dispute with a merchant about the quality of the goods and services. We will not be responsible for the goods and services supplied by any merchant, and any complaints you have with the merchant must be resolved by you. • Moneycard will advise you of your approved credit limit in writing or within your online account. Moneycard may increase or decrease your credit limit from time to time. Your credit limit will also be shown on your online statement. The credit limit is for the credit card account and You must ensure that your credit card account does not exceed the credit limit authorised by us, without our prior written approval. If you fail to comply with this condition then any amount in excess of your credit limit is payable on demand. You will be liable for any transaction processed to your account which exceeds your credit limit. When systems are fully operational, the daily transaction limits for EFT transactions made with your card, subject to your available credit limit and available funds in your nominated account(s), are a maximum of: - the total amount as approved as your daily credit limit. You will be obliged to pay any amounts debited to your accounts which exceed the daily EFT transaction limits. In addition, there may be a daily limit on the number of EFT transactions you may make on your credit card account.  
9.  Card acceptance & limitations: 
Moneycard credit card is accepted by merchants displaying their respective advertising on Moneycard site at www.moneycard.co.nz. However, we will not be held liable if any merchant either refuses to accept the card, does not follow proper authorisation procedures, or will not allow the card to be used to purchase particular types of goods and services available from the merchant. The use of your card overseas may be subject to exchange controls or other government requirements. If you do attempt to use your card in any prohibited country, the transaction will be declined or charged back. Moneycard purchases and/or charges made in foreign currencies at the rate(s) of exchange fixed by Moneycard. Transactions made in United States dollars, and transactions in Australian dollars, are converted directly into New Zealand dollars. Moneycard convert transactions made in any other foreign currency into United States dollars before converting them into New Zealand dollars. A foreign currency conversion fee will be charged by Moneycard on any such foreign currency transaction.  
10.  Damaged or faulty cards: 
In the event that your card becomes damaged or faulty, we will issue you with a new card when you return the damaged/faulty card to us. You must place your card on hold and notify us of that. You must also advise us of how the damage or fault occurred. There may be a charge to your account if a replacement card is required.  
11. Guarantee: 
In consideration of using Moneycard credit card you have agreed and entered into an agreement as the Guarantor and personally Guarantee any liability to Moneycard, the Guarantor jointly and severally guarantee all payments and all obligations due by the Member (you) to Moneycard and agree to indemnify Moneycard against any losses which it might suffer through entering into this Agreement with the Member. The Guarantor shall be liable as principal debtors. This Guarantee shall be a continuing Guarantee and shall continue in full force and effect as long as the Member continues in the trading programme or the Member is indebted to Moneycard in any amount.  
12.  Joint & additional cardholders Joint cardholders: 
If you and a joint cardholder each hold a card which may include the usage on same account, you are both bound by these conditions of use. You and any joint cardholder are also liable both jointly and severally for any amount owing to us on that joint credit card account. This means that either of you may be required to pay the outstanding balance owed on the account.  
13.  Account Statements and Interest Charges Statements: 
We will issue a transaction report to you online in real time, that forms a running statement. There are other reports and balances tables online that will show you all your activity and rewards that you may have accumulated by using your credit card. • Other fees and charges: If you pay your statement closing balance in full by your pay by date, you will not be charged interest on any other fees or charges included in that statement period. Otherwise, you will be charged interest on balances of such fees and charges from the date they are incurred until the date each is paid in full. Unpaid interest Any unpaid interest on your account will itself bear interest on its daily balance from the date it is charged to your account until it is paid in full. How is interest calculated? Interest will be calculated on your daily balance at the interest rate(s) applicable at that date. When is interest debited? Interest which accrues on your account will be debited to your account at the end of the last day of your monthly period. Interest Rates Unless otherwise specified in a promotion: • The interest rate for purchases and charges will apply to all purchases and charges (other than cash advance fees), balances transferred from another institution, and interest accrued thereon, including purchases and charges (other than cash advance fees) transferred from another Moneycard credit card and interest accrued thereon. The current interest rates will be advised to you at the start of your account will be subject to change from time to time.  
14.  Payments: 
Your Moneycard credit card collects cash rewards for you during purchases, eg, Moneycard rewards you with cash rewards when you purchase using Moneycard credit card. Terms of repayment of funds used from your Moneycard credit card, is on a daily basis. The Credit limit on your card as your “usable credit limited”, is to be repaid from your nominated Bank account on a daily basis. Moneycard will automatically debit your nominated account for the amount that you use from your Moneycard credit card, and topup your credit card daily ready for use the next day. This takes place on normal banking days. No interest will be charged as long as all funds used are repaid daily. The minimum payment is the amount you use on any given day, rounded to full dollars, plus: • any amount shown as overdue, plus • any amount required to reduce the balance below the credit limit, or • any other amounts as agreed upon from time to time between yourself and Moneycard. If you do not pay the minimum payment in full when due, you may incur additional charges and you may not be able to use your credit card. Any overdue amount is payable immediately. You are obliged to pay the minimum payment each day even if you do not receive a statement.  
15.  Charges: 
Other fees and charges may be imposed by us and may be changed from time to time. Fees and charges will be debited to your account. Those fees and charges may include: • an urgent application fee if you ask us to urgently process your card application, • an annual or half-yearly account charge for maintaining your account. This charge will be debited annually or half-yearly in advance, joint/additional card charges if you operate an additional card on your account, • a cash advance charge, if you make a cash advance, • account over limit charges, where you exceed your account credit limit during any statement period, • a replacement card charge (if your card is lost, stolen or damaged or becomes faulty), •  foreign currency conversion fees, if you make a purchase or cash withdrawal (which may include any fees or charges debited by a third party) in a foreign currency, • if you require a card to be sent urgently or overseas, courier/ freight charges, • if you dispute any transactions, disputed transaction search charges, statement copy charges and sales voucher copy charges (as applicable), •  demand notice charges, where demand is made upon you for overdue amounts, • costs and expenses incurred by us in collecting cards and/or payments. Unpaid money - agency collection charges In addition to the costs and expenses set out above, if at any time the money you owe us (the debt) is not paid, we may refer the debt to a collection agency for recovery. You agree to reimburse Moneycard on demand on a full indemnity basis for collection agency costs and expenses (including GST) incurred by Moneycard in relation to recovery of the debt and/or cards, and these costs and expenses will be debited from your account. You also agree to pay any collection agency costs and expenses (including GST) charged to you by the agency.  
16.  Terms & conditions set by third parties: 
In addition to these conditions of use, the use of your card in an EFT terminal is subject to the conditions imposed from time to time by other financial institutions who are parties to any EFT system.  
17.  Card Cancellation : 
You may cancel your card, or the card of an additional/joint cardholder at any time by notifying us in writing, cutting the card(s) in half and returning them to us. If you cancel all the cards on your account, you (and the joint cardholder where applicable) must immediately pay the outstanding balance of the credit card account and any reasonable costs incurred by us in collecting payment. Credit charges will continue to accrue until payment of the outstanding balance has been made. Moneycard may cancel your card, or the card of any additional/ joint cardholder, at any time without prior notice. If you are notified that your card, or an additional/joint card, has been cancelled, you are required to cut the card(s) in half, return them to any Moneycard merchant and immediately pay the outstanding balance of the credit card account and any reasonable costs incurred by us in collecting payment. Credit charges will continue to accrue until payment of the outstanding balance has been made.  
18.  Variation of conditions of use: 
We reserve the right to vary these conditions of use. Any changes to these conditions of use will take effect at least 14 days after the date of notice. Notice will be given by: – email to your email address on record. The exercise of any power to vary an interest rate or fee is not a change to these conditions of use for the purposes of this clause.  
19. Definitions: 
• Account – means your Moneycard credit card account or any nominated account. • ATM – means any Automatic Teller Machine approved by us which enables amounts to be debited or credited electronically from or to your account(s). • Card – means the Moneycard credit card. • Cardholder – means the person we issue with a Moneycard credit card unless the context states otherwise, joint cardholders, additional cardholders and the principal cardholder. • Cash advance – means an advance of cash made from your card account. Cash advances cannot be accessed at ATMs Moneycard credit card. • EFT – means Electronic Funds Transfer, which is the process by which funds are withdrawn electronically from your account. You authorise an Electronic Funds Transfer by using your card with your associated PIN or signature at an EFT terminal. • EFT terminal – means the device for initiating EFT transactions and includes ATMs and EFTPOS terminals. • EFTPOS terminal – means an EFT terminal located at a merchant's point of sale. • Moneycard credit card – means Credit Card issued by Moneycard to you, that operates on the Eftpos network and is linked to your existing nominated account, and used to make transactions on the eftpos network or online. • Nominated account – means a bank account (e.g cheque or savings account) which is linked to your Moneycard credit card and from where due amounts on your credit card will be paid and topped up from. pay by date – is the same day following a transaction or a purchase using your Moneycard credit card, and for purchases listed on your statement to be free from any interest charge. • PIN – means the Personal Identification Number selected by you through Moneycard which, when used in conjunction with a card in an EFT terminal approved by us, enables you to make EFT transactions. • Statement – means the statement we issue to you online in respect of your Moneycard credit card account which lists transactions debited or credited to your account for a running statement period. • Statement period – means the period specified in your statement to which the statement relates. • Transaction – includes a purchase, online or balance transfer being made, interest or a fee or charge being debited to your account and a payment or other credit being made to your account, including any purchase at any eftpos terminal. • We, us, – means Moneycard • You or your – means the account holder or the cardholder as the context requires.